Adrenaline – Being This Side Of Insane

Thanks to Keith, the band's manager, for the CD. This features the original line-up with two vocalists prior to Bo leaving the band. Six tracks here starting with...

  1. Being This Side Of Insane. The title track gets things under way. Opening riff is groove-laden and propels the track along well. Vocals are a mix of clean and extreme. After the second chorus the tempo increases as does the overall heaviness before the band launch into a truly brutal breakdown.
  2. Beneath The Arches Of Angels. Faster from the word go, the initial riff is concussive falling somewhere between metalcore and hardcore. The technical section between the chorus and second verse is superb. Absolutely cracking track.
  3. My Loss Your Gain. Minimalist opening before the track gains momentum gradually but forcefully. Vocals reminded me of Paul Di'Anno in a strange way. Another mindblowingly brutal breakdown.
  4. Bleed It Dry. Fast intricate start leads into a verse that pummels relentlessly. Kick-drumming is used intelligently. These guys like their breakdowns – another stunner after the second chorus.
  5. Symmetry. Vocals are truly savage in the chorus. Intricate basswork precedes another crushingly heavy breakdown.
  6. Inch Of Skin. Neck-snapper of an opening riff. Chorus is relatively restrained, but the verses are more than savage enough to compensate. Punishing way to end the CD.

If you like metalcore or hardcore then you will like this. Production is good as is the musicianship. The rhythm section is as solid as a rock, intricate basswork combined with thoughtful drumming. Guitar work alternates between rhythm and soloing, although there could be slightly more shredding for me. Vocals are generally of the extreme variety and are suitably vicious. The band clearly love to write devastatingly heavy breakdown sections which are skull-crushing live. Solid CD all round and well worth checking out.



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