Adrenaline – Castrum Doloris

Thanks again to Keith for the CD. Always good to get hold of an advance copy! So how will this one do when on general release?

  1. The Bereaved. If the album starts as it means to go on then this is promising! Opening riff is an absolute cracker, murderously heavy but with an underlying groove. Tempo changes galore follow, vast majority are very subtle, they are all skilfully handled. Slower section towards the end is as brutal as ever, intricate basswork and clever kick-drumming. Quality track.
  2. Playing The Role Of God. Blistering opening salvo leads into a cleverly executed slower section. Essentially the song is a cross between thrash and hardcore. Contains another trademark slower bridge, which is immensely powerful.
  3. Relentless. Maiden feel to opening riff, albeit much beefier. Similar lines to preceding tracks, clean vocals after the second chorus were slightly mystifying, otherwise it works well.
  4. While You Sleep. Slower track but no less vicious. First lengthy solo of the album during the bridge section, and first real airing of a trademark Adrenaline breakdown shortly afterwards.
  5. Sins Of A Thousand. Minimalist start hints at quiet before the storm and doesn't disappoint. Chunky riffing and familiar construction ensures that this one is suitably ferocious.
  6. Provoking The Thought. Onslaught from the word go until a brutal breakdown is unleashed. Complex track made to sound very simple.
  7. No Ones Promised Tomorrow. This one clocks in at just over six and a half minutes. Dramatic change from their usual material but works very well. Think stadium rock meets extreme metal and you'll be close. Chorus has an absolutely superb hook.
  8. Hand Over Fire. Back to familiar territory. Stunning breakdown, clean vocal section missed the mark for me.
  9. Kill It For Me. Return of the groove-laden opening riff! Otherwise it's a fairly standard Adrenaline tune.
  10. Inertia. Faster track, pinch harmonics in the chorus are a nice touch.
  11. Smile. Restrained intro before all hell breaks loose. Trademark song with savage breakdown.
  12. Nos Da. The usual mix of brutality and finesse. The breakdown on this is the most vicious on the album.
  13. Outro. Acoustic guitar with swirling wind effects concludes the hostilities!

Production is much crisper than their previous CD. The quality of the musicians, combined with the strength of the songwriting, is evident throughout. Loads of tempo changes, many being very subtle, all deftly handled. “No Ones Promised Tomorrow” is a very different track for the band, and a brave move, but they take it in their stride well. Extreme metal fans should appreciate this album, it's brutal yet retains their distinctive sound. Hope it does well for you fellas!!



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