Adust - Through Anothers Eyes

Following the band's explosive recent performance at MadHouse how do they compare on CD?

  1. Enmity. Short intro. Air raid siren/blitz sample leads into enormous statement of intent riff.
  2. The Fall Of Man. Savage opening riff and accompanying scream. Song sets out as a chunky thrasher with barked extreme metal vocals. Riff is gently mutated and there are subtle tempo changes galore. Overall style of the main body of the song is blackened thrash meets technical metal. After a momentary pause the song's closing section is unleashed, a bruising doom-laden riff generating immense power and menace. The kick drumming is used sparingly but to crushing effect. Quality opener; brutal yet complex, well produced and mixed.
  3. Prinzessin. Minimalist, understated opening leads into a powerful riff. Tempo increases to mid-paced thrash speed whilst retaining a Maiden-esque sense of melody.Vocals in the chorus are surprisingly melodic but work well. The faster and slower sections interchange seamlessly, another top song with excellent dynamics.
  4. Elegy. Short link track, basically an eery spoken intro.
  5. Blinded By Ignorance. Another very powerful opening riff. Vocals are again less extreme/more accessible dependant on which way you want to look at it! Main riff is relentless, driven along by the subtle changes in drum patterns and basswork. Overall feel of this song is somewhere between vintage Arch Enemy and recent Thus Defiled. Unusual time signatures in bridge section. Another well structured and performed track
  6. Forevermore. Quieter opening precedes colossal riff. Then the onslaught really starts! Simplistically it's a blackened thrash track with loads of subtle tempo changes.Not much more to add to previous comments, this is a well played extreme track and worthy CD closer.

This CD will almost prepare you for the full savagery that they unleash live. Well produced and executed, I urge fans of thrash, death and general technical/extreme genres to check this band out. A vicious and highly entertaining release.

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