Beyond Redemption – The Reckoning

Thanks to the band's manager, Mike, for the CD. This is a three track EP clocking in at 13'50”.

  1. The Reckoning. Overall this sounds like beefed up classic rock, or the very melodic end of extreme metal. Vocals flit from extreme metal growling to cleaner sections. Strange choice of song to a) lead off the CD; and b) be the title track. The composition's fine, it's just that the band seem as if they are going through the motions – there's a distinct lack of energy or drive. This one needs far more aggression. Ends well though – after a short bass workout, the guitar solo and increased tempo finish this one off strongly.
  2. Malicious. Suitable title! Far better track. Malevolent opening riff, chorus contains another cracker. Heaviness is delivered in a completely different manner – this one's chuggy and brooding. Great song.
  3. I Am The Voiceless. Starts out with a melodic death metal feel, opening scream is superb. The track then gets progressively more melodic. Faster sections sound fine, the slower sections really drag. Again ends strongly with a good, lengthy, guitar solo, which is followed by a section that reminded me of early Mercyful Fate. As a huge fan of King Diamond and co, I wished this had gone on longer!

They are a young five piece band founded by the drummer around a year ago – this shows promise for a band that have been together for such a short period of time, especially as they have had more than a few line up changes. Getting the negatives out of the way first, my main concern regards the production, which makes the band sound flat. Could just be a mastering issue as it's mixed well enough. I think the running order's not right – I'd have started with “Malicious”, then “I Am The Voiceless”, and finished with “The Reckoning”, basically because I rate the tracks in that order. Clean vocal sections don't work for me at all either – but then again they very rarely do with a lot of bands. Ending with the positives it's clear that the band can play, and in time they have the potential to mature and create more intricate songs – no question there. I would imagine they are a completely different proposition live with the different dynamics that live performances always bring. To conclude there is clear promise, but this needs more than a slight tweak – I wish them all the best with their future endeavours.


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