Cancerous Womb – Austrian Basement EP

Thanks first and foremost to Mike for the copy of this Edinburgh four piece's CD. First appearances weren't too promising as this is far from the best presented CD you'll see. That said I respect it's probably been produced to a very strict budget, so does the music make up for this?

The band's name alone places them firmly in the death metal genre. I was expecting them to be from the more brutal end, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that they're more from the old school with a few modern day touches – mainly blasting... If the early catalogue of Death, Carcass, or Cancer are your thing, then this could well appeal.

The three tracks are all solid, well played and with vocals that flit between death metal grunting and hardcore screaming. The specific highlight is the crushing slower section during “Up To My Nuts In Guts” which is choppy and brutal in equal measure. There are a few groove laden sections, with the start of the title track springing to mind. What lets this all down though is the production which is sludgy and sounds thin at times – not good for a death metal band. Again I would strongly suspect that this is down to constraints on the recording budget.

My final impression veers towards the better than average, hopefully there will be a lengthier showcase for their talents in the not too distant future.


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