Darkest Era - The Journey Through Damnation.

Another band seen tearing it up on a recent Reanimator bill. Thanks to the band for the CD.

  1. The Morrigan. Atmospheric intro with major Celtic influence. Builds progressively before the opening scream which leads into a well played classic/power metal track. Not keen on the chorus which grated. The bridge section after the secong chorus works well in a Thin Lizzy meets modern metal kind of way. Regrettably the end of the bridge sounds like Dragonforce on 16rpm (oops showing my age!). Final chorus and ending didn't work for me at all.
  2. Visions Of The Dawn. Opening riff is very Iron Maiden influenced and the track is more direct than the opener. Choruses sound much better too. Bass tone on this one is superb. Slower section breaks the song up well initially but then gets slightly tedious. A modified version of the opening riff with a strong Celtic feel leads back to the main riff. Tempo changes are well handled and the song overall works well.
  3. Another World Awaits. Solo drum intro joined swiftly by one of the guitars and bass. Full band launch into Black Rose era Thin Lizzy riff. Soon becomes more subdued but retains a good lilt/groove. The chorus is again disappointing, it's nowhere near dynamic enough. The bridge however is superb and the closing strings and pipes are a nice touch.
  4. On The Crest Of Doom. Great opening with quality riff. Pick of the tracks for me, it's faster and has the best sounding chorus. It's well played and constructed, continues in a similar vein to the rest of the EP.
Has to be said that this is slightly diappointing after seeing them live. My main gripe concerns the vocals, the tone isn't right and the range is limited. It's well produced and the instrumental bridge sections are excellent. A band to keep an eye on - this CD doesn't really do their musical abilities justice I'm afraid.


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