Days Of Ruin – Awakenings.

Thanks to the bass player Dan for the CD. Actually bass player is selling him somewhat short as he is also responsible for the engineering, mixing and mastering. Spreading himself too thin or master of all trades?

  1. Sleep Pattern. Piano led acoustic opening. Electronic keyboards and then rest of the band are introduced as the intro builds preceding...
  2. Awakening. Choppy guitar work leads into cracking opening riff. There's a lot going on here as the track unwinds in a modern prog way with clean vocals. Complex structure, well handled. Clean vocals throughout. Most reminded me of Dream Theater's “Endless Sacrifice”.
  3. Only Human. More restrained start before crunchy guitar joins in the fun. Vocals in the slower sections were weak and irritated me. Faster sections are fine though. Sounds like prog meets Rage Against The Machine.
  4. Broken Beliefs. Vocal sample to start before a very intricate riff kicks in. This one's ok not much more, nothing inherently wrong with it, just nothing that distinctive either.
  5. What Lies Beneath. Quiet intro again, prog meets stadium rock this time. Guitar work is passable although could be more inventive. The solo in the bridge could be far more explosive. Had a feeling this one was going to unleash at any moment, but it doesn't in the manner I'd expected.

As a huge Dream Theater fan a lot of this sounds familiar, although they do inject their own character throughout. Production is fine as far as the individual instruments go, I feel it could be a little more punchy overall, sounds a bit flat really. Promising CD though, it will be interesting to see how this works live.




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