Dream Infernal - Naive

Thanks again to David from Holier Than Thou Black for sending this to review. Dream Infernal are a four piece band, this song is written by the guitarist Craig and vocalist Izabella, with Dave on drums and Rob on bass completing the lineup. And so to the song itself...

Naive. Current single off the soon to be released album. Starts quietly with choppy guitars, opening section has a solid riff and sleaze rock feel. The bridge section is superb with an immense bass sound.Solid song overall and I think it will sound superb live, although will you need another guitarist to reproduce this on stage? Only real negative concerns the main guitar solo which could be a bit more explosive - ok so I like my shredders!

Hopefully the full length CD will be out soon, I'm interested in hearing more of your work. This single is well produced, bass tones are well handled and the higher ranges are also crisp. Drums have been well mic-ed, nice snare sound, guitarwork is clear and the vocals are good. This is a well structured and performed song, which should sell well. Blimey are my tastes changing? Two female vocal bands to add to Arch Enemy and Lacuna Coil - quick pass me some blackened death metal!!



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