Exventer - Bioconveyor Of Instincts

Thanks to Daemon Hellhammer for the CD.

Heard much Russian death/extreme metal lately? Probably not but this is well worth tracking down. Eight tracks pulverise you relentlessly for a shade over 33 minutes. They lurk mainly in the death metal world although there are occasional excursions into the realms of grindcore, black metal and, to a degree, the heavier end of modern prog. There are tempo changes galore, all handled effortlessly, and the sections flow well. What's most impressive though is the power they seem to have at their disposal - and the way it's unleashed with scant regard for listener safety!

The song titles give the game away really. Let's face it “From The Cunt To The Grave”, “Narcotized-Fuck Creature”, and “Necrodeflorator” are not going to be ballads are they?! Titles say it all and you know what's coming, it's just a question of how brutal it's going to be (usually very!!). A couple of the titles enter pretentious territory, but thankfully the music never lets up. The guitar tone is stunning, rich yet incisive. Basswork is very Swedish, and also has a great tone. Drumming is fast and fluid yet never blasts for the sake of it. Predictably the vocals are from the “cookie monster” school, but then what do you expect? Musicianship is flawless throughout and is backed up by a surprisingly clean production which ensures this flies out of the speakers at you, intent on pinning you back helpless until its full carnage has been delivered.

My only negative is again predictable. This gets very samey and seems very long considering it's such a short album. Perhaps this is down to the intensity and technicality that the band are assaulting you with? This is a really demanding listen such is the ferocity with which Exventer bludgeon you. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted...

Finally I'll give a check list of bands that various sections are reminiscent of. Nile, Tsjuder, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Exmortem, Slayer, Entombed, Carcass, Autopsy, and even Neandertahl's more technical sections. I suspect if you grinned, or ticked off more than half of the bands on this list, then you'll enjoy this album immensely.


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