Flayed Disciple - Self Titled EP
My thanks go to Jon from the band for the copy of this CD.

Following on from the "Drawn Viscera" EP this four tracker contains two new tracks along with two that appeared on the previously mentioned work.

Starting with the new tracks, "Ejaculate While Killing" starts with a Slayer-esque thrash assault before morphing into darker domains, most notably old school death metal. There's subtle tempo changes galore, lengthy shredding, whilst retaining a fine level of overall flow and groove amongst all the brutality. "Exodus" blisters along in similar fashion, albeit that it's somewhat more intricate, but no less vicious. The death metal sections are most reminiscent of Massacre and Exhorder on this one.

The two previously released tracks carry on the good work. "Torso Fucked" combines old school and technical death metal, underpinned with a clearly defined heavy thrash element. This track contains a punishing slower section and frenzied soloing very much in the style of early Slayer. "Drawn Viscera" concludes matters; after the thunderstorm and Hammer Horror torture chamber sound effects the band revert to type and go for the jugular once more with a relentless barrage.
As a bassist isn't listed I suspect the EP's lack of bottom end crunch could be easily remedied. Otherwise the production's crisp yet vicious, with a slicing guitar tone, well engineered drumming (especially the snare), and vocals from the growled 'cookie monster' school.

Overall the band demonstrate that they are adept at both the heavy end of thrash, and death metal stylings, teetering between the precision of the former and the organised chaos of the latter. The band's crossover appeal is high and fans of thrash as well as death metal - either old school, technical, or brutal sub-genres - should find this to their liking. Combine this with their abilities as a live act and their promise increases several fold. Hopefully their quest for a new bassist will be fulfilled soon and a full length album will follow in due course. Final impression? Very promising.

Let's hope there's more to come in the not too distant future....


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