Acral Necrosis - Eternal Nuklear Violation EP

Thanks again to Al for the CD. The polypack also contains a couple of mementos in the form of a personalised guitar pick (surprisingly not black!) and a sticker. The CD has four tracks;

  1. Eternal Nuklear Violation Title track gets things underway. Starts off as essentially a very fast thrash track for the first minute or so, then gets even quicker launching into a full black metal assault. For me this is a backwards step; liked the intro then all sense of power and finesse are lost in the relentless and chaotic onslaught. Incredibly fast but no identifiable riff I'm afraid. Continues in this vein for a couple of minutes before returning to a chuggy thrash section which, via a bass-led riff, leads into the closing modern doom/death metal section. Liked the opening and closing sections, middle wasted on me unfortunately.
  2. Unsanctified By Blastthrashing Maelstrom(!!) Sorry guys - shit title, but that's extreme metal for you. Intro reminds me of Tsjuder before the main body of the song speeds up into black metal carnage. At least the growling becomes decipherable in the chorus. Middle section reminded me of Immortal, which leads into a chuggy thrash style finale.
  3. The Beast Pick of the tracks for me. Great intro, the opening riff reminds me a lot of Nile. Effectively a very fast thrash/death song with a heavy Slayer influence especially in the guitar solos and the almost Tom Araya-esque closing scream. Quality song.
  4. Servants To A Blackened Sun Derivative black metal throughout. Reasonable riff but speed again detracts from power. Quite frankly could be any one of hundreds of Scandinavian bands out there. Very repetitious and for me a weak and poor closer.

I will start with the positives. The Beast is a great song that many bands would be proud to have written. Good musicians and both guitarists can shred. Negatives far outweigh I'm afraid. Overall production is poor; top end is fine so the guitars sound ok, but the bottom end is really sludgy with the bass work of the guitarist and the drummer being indistinct. You have two good guitarists but soloing is down to a minimum. Typical vocals for the genre as well - could be anybody growling.

Black metal has always been a genre that has mystified me. Great musicians compromising power for speed and all things Satanic. Extreme metal fans will love this, doesn't do much for me overall though. That said they are great value live and I would recommend open-minded thrash and death fans, as well as extreme and black metal purists, to check them out.


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