Battlewitch - Untitled

Thanks to the vocalist Mazz (sorry missed a z in the live review!) for the CD. Eight tracks here, 7 studio and one live.

  1. Doom Or Die. Classic/power metal, very formulaic but good fun. Chorus gets a bit irritating due to the large amount of repetition, otherwise a solidly played opener with great vocals.
  2. Fyredroyde. Laid back intro, drums initially then bass joins in before the opening riff kicks in. Do I detect a Maiden influence to the main riff? Lyrics are wildly over the top. Another solid track.
  3. Children Of The Wytch. Well structured song with a fabulous bass sound. Like the double snare hit throughout the verse.The pre-chorus riff has almost been lifted from Megadeth's Peace Sells album - you'll know the riff when you hear it! Insane lyrics, I was trying to keep a straight face most of the way through this one!
  4. Thee Last Sabbath. Power metal meets stoner this track has a great overall groove. Bass and guitar solos towards the end are quality.
  5. Dawn Of Ruin. Quicker tempo and rawer sounding guitar work. Sleaze metal circa Appetite For Destruction G'n'R is the closest reference point.
  6. Mountain. Stoner meets Southern boogie. Doesn't do anything for me I'm afraid, well played as it is.
  7. Space Dragon Kronos. Maiden influence returns with opening riff although there is a battle metal flavour sprinkled in too. Excellent basswork during the complex opening. Riffs fly in from all angles, some of the power riffs being particularly pleasing on the ear, but I had the feeling at the end of it all that it hadn't really developed or gone anywhere. Well played though!
  8. Tokyo Fever. Strange choice of track to showcase their live abilities. Reminded me of Motorhead in a bizarre way. Then of course you have the ubiquitous twiddly Maiden riff. Vocals sounded like early Saxon. Curious finale to the CD.
Like Hospital Of Death's "Beer Bitches Blood" this CD will not prepare you for just how good they are live. Mazz sends himself up hysterically and for a three piece plus vocalist they have a really big sound. Musicianship is good and they are tight as a band. This CD is worth having as a reference, but go and see them live and enjoy!

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