Brenda - Untitled EP (2006).

Thanks to the guys for the CD. Four tracks on this one;

  1. Last Tape. Choppy opening riff with quality basswork. The rest of the track alternates between indie and mellower laid back sections. Great dynamics, quality opener with superb vocals.
  2. Blue Prints. Radio tuning/interference is used for both the intro and outro. Overall feel is indie meets trip hop but with real drums! Slow song, very laid back and beautifully subtle.
  3. Architectures. Another slow intro, has a Portishead feel but with male vocals. Speeds up for a while and the three guitarists work off each other well. Generally a subdued track, minimalist sections are delicately handled. Long song, skilfully executed.
  4. Sub Rosa. Brooding low-key intro which is very stark. Has a feel of New Order/Joy Division with a smattering of Sisters of Mercy thrown in for good measure. Opens out into a heavy, multi-layered indie section which works phenomenally well. Drumming is excellent, the production picking up the snare abuse admirably.
This is miles away from the vast majority of rock I normally listen to, but I like it a lot. Great dynamics throughout, well produced and always involving. Should appeal to a wide cross section of indie and rock fans.





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