Brenda - Untitled EP (2007)

Thanks again to the band for the copy of this CD. Two tracks on this one;

  1. The Coldest Geometry. Starts with colossal drumbox/bass sound which leads into highly unusual guitar section (you'll recognise this straight away when you see them live..). Mixes mellow and angular sections incredibly well.
  2. Bigbrokenhand. This track ebbs and flows, combining heavier layered sections with delicate almost hypnotic parts. Overall feel is akin to the quieter moments of Radiohead or perhaps Porcupine Tree. This track is over eight minutes long but certainly doesn't feel it - absorbing throughout.

    So, the Chopmeister doesn't just listen to extreme metal carnage... This CD is well produced and highly entertaining, I would recommend it for fans of indie, trip hop and rock music in general.






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