Crowning Glory - Path To Glory EP

This one's from 2006 but as I've just seen them live thought it was worth reviewing. The three studio and two live tracks are;

  1. Sea Of Dead Dreams. Closed the set with this when I saw them recently. Not much you can say about this other than very solid old-school rock which has a classic-era Saxon feel to the opening and then swaggers along from there on in.
  2. The Other Side. Main riff is very close to genius. Overall sound is a bit thin for me, I believe on tracks such as this that they need a second guitarist to beef up the sound in general and allow for more complex melodies and guitar interplay.
  3. Sands Of Time. Last studio track, the riff during the pre-chorus/bridge is superb. Very tight as a band, the tempo changes are handled well and the main guitar break is excellent.
  4. In My Head (live). Vocals really come alive and you get more of an idea of what they are all about. Main riff is a hybrid of classic rock and sleaze.
  5. Dead Man's Paradise (live). Reminiscent of early Bruce Dickinson Maiden. Need I say more?
Well produced throughout, I thought they needed a second guitarist when I saw them live and this confirms it. If you are fortunate to see them in the flesh, this CD will not prepare you for the astonishing abilities of the vocalist, it really is a case of light the blue touchpaper and stand as close as you feel is safe! I need to check out more of their studio work and see them slaying an unsuspecting public again very soon...classy is the best word to sum them up.

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