esOterica - Don't Rely On Anyone EP

My main gig buddy Bill picked up a copy of this EP when he saw them at Scruffy's recently, so it would be churlish not to review it.

  1. Don't Rely On Anyone. Nice choppy opening guitar riff which regrettably didn't get anywhere near as heavy as I'd hoped/expected. It's a gothic/stadium rock crossover track with good, clean vocals. Ok but nothing exceptional.
  2. DROA (Club Mix). Weirdly enough works better than the first version sounding way more industrial/minimalist. Drags a bit towards the end (as does the original) but it's an improvement.
  3. Samples. Very understated opening leads into an absolute belting initial riff. Then the vocals kick in and the song fizzles out. Again it's a rock/gothic crossover. The chorus is good with a great hook, unfortunately the verse is way too lightweight for me.
Two tracks plus a remix of well produced, and mixed, crossover rock. It's ok but nothing more. Guess it will work well live, this misses the target for me and sounds flat. Pity because there are promising moments and great intros, but it never really unleashes sufficiently for me to enthuse.





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