Godsize - Hymns For The Fallen

Having seen the reviews in a couple of the Nationals thought I'd give you my opinion.

  1. Hate Fuelled Abuse. Industrial intro leads into immense opening riff. This is a relentless hardcore track with a classic rock style bassline adding an unexpected groove. The slower section is skull-crushingly heavy. Song ends at warp factor speed - overall a great opener.
  2. Beer Slag. Great title. Another cracking opening riff. Verses drive along relentlessly. Again exhibits an underlying groove whilst having a direct sludge/hardcore feel. The closing section slows down to doom speed and reminded me of early Sabbath or Trouble. Brutally heavy end to the track.
  3. Born From Anger. Wow! Another superb lead-off riff. Slower overall but has an underlying menace.The bridge section sees the song explode to warp speed, before the slower aggression returns to conclude the track.
  4. Pure Aggression. Starts slowly in a doom/stoner manner and then changes tempo several times throughout. Does what it says on the tin - title says it all.
  5. For You. Feedback gives way to bass-driven concussive riff. There's a brief respite after the second chorus before the main churning riff returns. Quality track and unsurprisingly a mainstay of their live performances.
  6. My Fire. Another driving bass led assault. Slows down to monolithic doom pace and generates immense power. Aggressive barked vocals complete the viciousness. A prolonged power chord signals the return of the main riff albeit at a faster tempo.
  7. Start Her Up. Justifiably the encore of their live preformances. Go and see them live and enjoy!! An absolute gem.
  8. Unwanted. Quality stoner opening riff. Not much to add to previous comments. Tempo changes handled effectively and dynamically.
  9. Kill With Your Mind. Opens with powerful doom riff. The faster section works tremendously well.
This album sees Godsize mix sludge, doom, hardcore and stoner elements precisely and powerfully. Gets a bit samey, but what album in these genres doesn't? It's well produced and the basswork really comes to the fore with a great bounce driving the songs along. Sounds a bit flat compared to seeing them on stage, but then they are superb live. Actually onstage excludes the vocalist Kris who spends most of their sets marauding around the audience. Go and see them live and then play this album and grin as the memories flood back. Another cracking release from Meltdown Records (who also boast Slab in their portfolio) - wholeheartedly recommended by the Chopmeister!!



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