Grimpen Mire - Untitled EP.

Having witnessed their live assault at a recent Reanimator night, it's time to see how their studio work compares.

  1. The Rats In The Walls. Starts with a Hawkwind-style guitar intro and continues in spacerock mode for a while. Vocals are suitably sludgy but the intially interesting riff doesn't develop and it plods along. Until the band slow it down... The monolithic doom section is brutal, the track gets progressivley slower accompanied by cleaner vocals.Patchy yet promising start.
  2. Black Saturnalia. Quality stoner opening riff with great bass sound and good groove in the chorus. Production isn't great, with the snare being practically inaudible. The Sabbath-inspired chugging riff midway through the track is a belter. Stoner riff returns and the track continues in this style to end.
  3. Spoken intro/sample.
  4. Through Leaden Sky. Colossal sludge/doom opening riff, very heavy. Unfortunately the vocals get their worst production yet. Gets heavier as the track slows down, although the snare again needs to be more prominent in the final mix. Works well in a monolithic doom way with Indesinence and I Am Colossus springing to mind. A faster section gets thrown in, somewhat pointlessly, and the track concludes with a feedback outro.
  5. Blood Of My Gods. Track starts with another Sabbath-inspired classic doom riff. The guitar sounds are superb, especially the bass, although the lead guitar work also works well. Vocals may as well not be there, nor indeed the snare drum. Chugs along morosely and powerfully until a pointless sample is used. This does however lead into a particularly vicious doom section though. The minimalist ending is a nice touch.
Production overall is sludgy and the vocals and drums really suffer. The faster bridge sections don't work for me I'm afraid. Despite my reservations there is a considerable amount of potential here, and live they are especially brutal. They generate immense power when they slow things down. Thought the black playing side to the CD was a nice touch too. Needs remastering, with the right tinkering this could be devastating. At the moment their studio output falls into the promising category - but they are definitely one to keep an eye on.


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