Internal Conflict - Untitled EP

Thanks to the guitarist Ricey for the CD. Having been subjected to one of the worst sounds in living memory recently I was intrigued to hear what they actually sounded like!

  1. No Turning Back. Thrash/metalcore with suitably aggressive barked vocals. Riff in the chorus is a belter. Solid opener with a hardcore feel at times.
  2. Lamb Feasts Upon The Jackal. Intricate opening riff. Loads of well executed tempo changes, overall it has a death metal feel with hardcore vocals. Well structured and nice to hear what the solo should sound like!
  3. Monarch. Pick of the bunch for me, but they're all good. Quiet opening section gives way to bass driven intro to main riff which is suitably powerful, essentially a fast thrasher. Rest of the track has hardcore and death metal influences.The quieter section towards the end has a Maiden-esque feel before the carnage returns. The kick-drumming which precedes the feedback laden finale is superb.
So that's what you sound like?!! I will be monitoring your gig schedule closely, with the right sound you will be murderous. Interested to hear you as a five piece now you've added an extra guitarist. Production is fine, this CD showcases your abilities as musicians and songwiters well. Look forward to seeing you annihilating soon!





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