Loathe - Darkest Night Of The Soul

Thanks to the vocalist, Beast, for the CD. The five tracks are...

  1. The Dark Diaries. Whatever you do, don't adjust the volume! Quiet opening gives way to full blown fury. Hardcore collides with metalcore with extreme metal vocals ranging from death grunts to barked aggression. Brutal opener.
  2. It Will Get Worse. Spoken sample leads into spine tingling opening scream. A chunky thrash riff follows, more subdued than the first track, but dripping with menace. Clean vocals regrettably don't work, but then the breakdown kicks in. Wow!!
  3. Ragdoll. Essentially how you will be in the pit! Quality opening riff, concussive yet groove-laden. Surgical in its precision, attacks your pressure points and never lets up.
  4. Children Of A Lesser God. Minimalist opening is dripping with maliciousness, with Slayer tone to guitar work. Then all hell breaks loose! Chorus is overcomplicated and detracts from the overall carnage. Contains an absolutely skull-crushing breakdown.
  5. This Overwhelming Grasp Of Solitude. Chuggy thrasher with modern extreme metal stylings. Clean vocals really grate, generates enough malevolence and violence though. Loses impetus slightly and the sections clash rather than flow. Closing section is stunning though - prolonged kick-drumming and general carnage!

Loathe are ferocious live and this EP gives you an idea of their unrelenting savagery. Production is solid throughout. Tempo changes are subtle and numerous, yet all handled deftly. Beware their breakdowns - brutal doesn't come close! My only negative is the clean vocals which simply don't work. Otherwise this is a staggering exhibition of precision modern extreme metal. Get hold of a copy and headbang violently until they next tour!!



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