The Lowlifes - Back To The Heavy.

Can the CD live up to their on-stage fireworks?

  1. Back To The Heavy. Title track starts off with a biker/stoner riff combined with a very effective double snare hit. The chorus has a great groove with the vocals being reminiscent of Soundgarden-era Chris Cornell. This track sounds very simple yet there's a lot of underlying technicality. The tempo changes are subtle and you get a guitarist who likes to shred. Kick drumming is used for effect instead of constant blasting. Very heavy and satisfying opening track.
  2. Lady Whiskey. The opening riff is a cracker, very direct and driving. Verse is a refrain in comparison, then that riff returns for the chorus. Great to hear another lengthy solo.
  3. Alone. Subdued start hints at a classic quiet before the storm opening. Doesn't disappoint as a concussive Alter Bridge meets Led Zep riff blasts the track into life. This is a quality heavy stadium rock song that will be a guaranteed lighter/mobile phone moment in larger venues.
  4. Burn. Thankfully not a Deep Purple cover... Statement of intent opening riff throws in a sleaze element for good measure. Chorus gets a bit repetitive although the solo redeems the track - nearly. Works well live but sounds a bit flat here.

The CD captures the essence of the band and gives a fair idea of how explosive they are live. Well produced this serves them well, hopefully a full length release will follow soon.




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