Hellfire - Bleed For The Cause.

Four track sampler EP of the soon to be released album - thanks Jay!
  1. Bleed For The Cause. Lengthy intro film/ TV soundtrack of serial killer/ arsonist being interviewed (guys what's this from? Recognise it but can't quite place it!). Atmospheric opening and definitely the quiet before the storm; all hell breaks loose as the band launch into a furious hardcore opening salvo. A slower bridge section leads into a truly vicious chorus and brutal closing riff.
  2. Deceiver Of The Damned. Opens in a restrained death metal fashion for first couple of minutes before an absolute killer riff kicks in which drives the song along to the finish with subtle changes of drum patterns and basslines. Great track.
  3. Insanity. Quality opening riff and spine-chilling opening scream. The chord sequence approximately 1m 20s in is stunning; this leads into a short slower bridge section before the hostility returns. After a couple of deftly handled tempo changes the track slows down almost to doom metal speed with Jay's vicious barked vocals over the top of it all. Faster section closes out a complex and brutal song.
  4. Suffer In Silence. Another great opening riff and surefire pit-starter. Lots of tempo changes and styles, alternating between death metal, doom and hardcore. Sounds like a disaster zone, however it is skillfully done and retains an underlying feel of menace and ferocity.

    Four tracks last a total of 13m 21s with a lengthy intro; trust me it seems a lot shorter. The last time I remember being challenged and bludgeoned to this degree was the first time I heard "Reign In Blood" - high praise but listen to this and you will understand why I make the comparison! This CD pummels you senseless, but still has diversity. Can't wait for the full album and I will recommend it wholeheartedly to any fan of hardcore, death and extreme metal in general. Stunning live too - buy the album and see if I'm wrong!


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