Let Em Burn - Second Wave EP

Three tracks on offer here which are;

  1. Toxic Shaft. Great intro and monumental opening riff leading into groove-laden old school thrash. Slick tempo changes follow; reminds me a lot of early Testament and Exodus. Quality start with excellent production - amazing snare sound and suitably aggressive vocals.
  2. Trenchfoot Terrance. Another great thrasher although the transition into the middle slower section is a bit clumsy and this section itself gets a little repetitive. Tempo quickens at the end and just about saves this one.
  3. War Slut. Immense opening riff and a real statement of intent. Wonderful guitar tone. This is a guaranteed neck-snapper for the old school thrashers and almost certain pit-starter! Great sing-along chorus too. Slower, almost spoken vocal section reminiscent of early Megadeth.

Do you think I like this one?!

Get hold of a copy as soon as you can, shame it's only three tracks. Well produced quality thrash - when's the full-length being released? Soon hopefully!


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