Matron - Demonic Sanatorium

Thanks to Sam from the band for the CD. The five protagonists are Marcus “Hell” - vocals and guitar, Sam “Bog” - guitar, Mr Bones - bass, Dave “Keys” - er keyboards, and Tim - drums. A self release, Marcus writes all the music, and Sam is responsible for the mixing and production.

  1. Intro (The Prophet). Suitably atmospheric to start before a real statement of intent riff kicks in. This then runs straight into...
  2. Welcome To Hell. Essentially it's a mid-tempo thrasher with keyboard interludes. Precisely played with extreme metal vocals. A menacing slower section shortly after the second verse is a real standout. Lengthy soloing section follows, loads of hammers, overall it's very melodic. Guitarists have contrasting styles and trade solos effectively.
  3. Blood Of Knights. The keyboard intro precedes a chuggy opening riff, overlaid with extreme vocals. Chorus is very melodic and reminiscent of Arch Enemy or even Accept. Would imagine this track really comes into its own live.
  4. Ultimate Bones. Military feel drum/snare work to start. Again this one's a thrash metal meets melodic death metal track. Keyboards during the early stages of the track reminded me of Mercyful Fate for some reason. Riffing is precise and intricate and is clearly influenced by classic Maiden. Good guitar solos towards the end precede a keyboard section which leads into the most punishing riff on the EP – which repeats/fades to end.

The production is more than adequate, although I would have liked the vocals to be more prominent. Musically this is solid and the songwriting is good. Bet this really comes into its own live – faster and chunkier I would guess. Keyboards seem slightly superfluous to be honest, they tend to appear every so often and seem a little disembodied. Promising enough EP overall, it will be interesting to hear what their first full length sounds like. If you ever need a gig in Birmingham give me a shout – or should that be blood curdling scream?!!



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