Mindless Torture - Self Titled EP

Thanks again to Gaz for the CD and apologies for the delay in posting this review. Thought their overall sound was a bit thin live, so how does the studio version compare?

  1. Ashes. Killer opening riff reminded me of vintage Dream Death before slowing to doom speed. Quiet before the storm, unleashes violently shortly afterwards. CD is well produced/mastered with a crisp and heavy snare and overall drum sound. Guitars are overtracked and the band's fuller sound suits them.Vocals are surprisingly clean too. A well structured song with tempo changes galore.
  2. Amputate. Starts off as a mid-tempo thrasher with great sounding bass (dare I say almost bass groove?!). Initially reminded me of Death, genuinely nasty and menacing before the blast section kicks in. Closing section reminded me of Sepultura.
  3. Ready Or Not. Can't add much really to previous comments. Loads of tempo changes with individual sections having death, sludge and doom moments. The repeated song title at the end got slightly irritating to be honest, but otherwise a solid track.
  4. My Cross. Unusual opening riff. The kick drumming during one of the slower sections works well too. The title of the track is screamed viciously. Feedback laden outro was a nice touch.
The songs are lengthy and well structured with good tempo changes. The addition of a second guitarist will help them achieve live what this CD promises. Overall works well but the guitar tone needs a slight tweak to add an extra degree of menace. Only slight though; in general this is well put together and an enjoyable, punishing, listen.

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