Musta Talvi - When The Cleansing Fire Reigns.

Another revelation on the Scuzz stage at Bloodstock, does this CD do them justice?

  1. Twilight Vengeance. An unusual sample leads into the opening riff. The guitar work is convoluted before a nerve-jangling scream ushers in a fast thrasher. The vocals are of the modern barked variety. The song is fast and aggressive yet retains strong underlying melodies. Tempo changes are well handled and the slower sections generate loads of power. And there's lots of very fluid soloing - hooray!!
  2. Next Time I Paint You Red. Absolutely furious start with frenetic guitar work leads into very complex riff. First verse is an absolute cracker, essentially it's a crunchy thrasher. The track then exhibits all sorts of different influences and styles - power metal, death metal, bits of folk and even symphonic sections. It's complex but never clashes and works surprisingly well. The soloing has a vintage Slayer feel at times.
  3. Annihilation Of the Masses. Brutal opening, the pared down riff into the savage scream is superb. This is basically a well played extreme metal track. No other comments necessary really - get hold of a copy and enjoy.

When I was handed this CD I was warned not to expect too much production-wise. In fact it's nowhere near as bad as I'd expected. Ok it's slightly sludgy and the drums could be crisper (especially the snare) but overall there's nothing to worry about. This CD works well and I like it a lot. Have to admit I was really underwhelmed when I saw them at the Barfly earlier in the year, but they genuinely surprised me at Bloodstock. Fellas, if you can write a full length album as solid as this you will have a winner on your hands. Hope your new drummer settles in quickly - please let me know when you are next gigging. There could well be a Millennium of Blood invitation heading your way soon!



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