MyToyTrain - Porcelain Smile

Thanks again to Russell for the CD. Great trepidation accompanied this being played; justified, or not?

  1. When Horses Were Heroes. Let's take this section by section. Doom/sludge riff opens the track with atmospheric keyboards/ samples. A bass jazz section goes into a hardcore riff which morphs into a death metal feel discordant section. This has all taken place at breakneck speed, I was relieved that there was a lengthy pause at this point. Then to really endear themselves the vocalist starts pig-squealing. Absolute mess.
  2. Faces Of The Frgoten. Great opening riff before mayhem, and ultimately confusion, erupts. Liked the slower section apart from the woeful keyboard work/samples. Vocals are again savage hardcore style. Thankfully it's a short track...
  3. You Call It Murder I Call It Art. The wife has re-dubbed this You Call It Art I Call It Murder, succinctly done jolly woman. Opening sounds unrehearsed and that's being kind, more like every musician trying to play a different song. The charming lyric "Get Fucking Dead" precedes the one quality moment of this track, that being a great doom/sludge riff. Too many unfinished ideas once more.
Marginally better than the previous EP but only just. Obviously I'm missing the point. Love the vocals, at times you produce excellent riffs, but your undeniably technical and proficient musicians are wasted playing this. Over-complicated and very nearly unlistenable.


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