MyToyTrain - Yesterday Ended In A Massacre

Thanks to the drummer, Russell, for the CD. The five tracks are;

  1. Pac-Man Never Got Caught For His Murders. Prophetic words in the first sample, "I would like to take you on a strange journey". Twisted opening riff with vicious vocals. Goes off on several dozen tangents, none of which are given a chance to develop. Baffling opener.
  2. Blackout In Hollywood. Great opening riff, again love the vocals. Goes downhill rapidly in a maelstrom of tempo changes. The riff that immediately follows the sample is a belter.
  3. Slow Dance. Superb doom/sludge riff which I like a lot. Short track, definitely the pick of the bunch so far.
  4. Where The Ocean Meets The Sand. Bizarre keyboard opening. First riff is a cracker, death metal riff that follows is even better. Then the over-complicated tempo changes kick in and the song ends disappointingly.
  5. Yesterday Ended In A Massacre. Lots of very complex riffing, ultimately going nowhere.
Overall opinion? There are some genuinely good riffs in here but the lack of structure and under-development destroys their impact. Plays like a riff sampler CD. Instead of progressing with riff/ idea one they steamroller in with three or four others and the ensuing carnage is frustrating. Can't fault the quality of the musicians, and the vocalist can scream with the best, their abilities are wasted with this material. I like complicated songs but there comes a point where being avant-garde plummets into a discordant mess. Regrettably that line isn't crossed but stamped on. Thankfully it's short, I was immensely relieved when it finished.

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