Olmec Diagram - Untitled EP

Thanks to the drummer Sav for the CD.

  1. Porphira's Lover. Essentially thrash meets hardcore with de rigeur screamed vocals. Very complex song with tempo changes galore. Vocals in chorus are less extreme. The slower breakdown section is particularly brutal. Aggressive throughout, constantly changing style and tempo.
  2. You're Only In It For The Presents. Choppy opening which is basically blackened thrash. Very technical once more with incredibly convoluted riffs and insanely intricate time signatures. A chaotic and punishing listen.
  3. Monkey Tennis. Another eclectic mix of styles, mainly throwing death metal, hardcore and post-punk into the blender. Can't really add much to my previous comments.
Overall verdict? Great musicians, drumming is particularly savage. Gets too complex and you have to wonder if the songs are convoluted for the sake of it, or if the ideas are under-developed. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and suggest reality lies somewhere in the middle! Production isn't great, guitars could be crunchier and, as much as I like their overall sound, drums could be crisper. I imagine they would be absolutely ferocious live, if you are playing around the Midlands I'll definitely come and see you. A punishing CD, but also slightly puzzling - could work with a slight tweak or two.




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