Overproof - Beer Metal EP

Thanks to Dom for the CD. Three tracks on offer clock in at 13'40", starting with...

  1. Beer. Restrained opening is most definitely the quiet before the storm. Statement of intent power chords lead into superb opening driving riff. Difficult to categorise, it's a mix of classic rock, biker metal and power metal - sounds weird but works exceptionally well. Tempo and section changes are well handled and the guitar interplay is good. Solid opener, doesn't feel anywhere near 5'10" which is always a good sign.
  2. King Of The Mountain. Very nearly five minutes long but again feels shorter. Fundamentally it's stoner meets biker with a very strong Motorhead influence. Never flags.
  3. Overproof. Crunchy opening before the main riff is unleashed and what a riff it is. This song fairly fizzes along and is an absolute cracker. The "We Are Overproof - Fuck You" lyric sums it up nicely. Great chorus, their signature track and the standout both on this EP and during their live shows.
Overall it feels like "Master Of Puppets" era Metallica meets Motorhead with a Southern rock feel thrown in for good measure. Vocals are in the Motorhead/Viking Skull mould. Production needs a tweak, but then this is a pre-release copy, so I hope the mastering will put it right. Great EP and a worthy showcase of their abilities.


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