Reign Of Fear - Scars Of Time.

Thanks to the band's manager Adam for the CD. The tracks on offer are....

  1. Prelude To Chaos. Appropriately titled short intro running straight into..
  2. Judas. Mid paced thrasher gets things started. Opening riff combines elements of Iron Maiden meeting "big four" thrash with modern aggressive vocals. The bridge has a very Maiden Powerslave era feel. Solid opener, well played with tempo changes handled well. Production is a bit flat overall though.
  3. Scars Of Time. Classic/power metal intro develops into Metallica-esque section. Vocals could have been more aggressive during this section before the snarled vocals return in the chorus. Main riff is good but gets repetitive. The double snare hit section onwards through to the solo works well and I vastly prefer their faster work. Ends strongly.
  4. Unbroken. Faster track initially, like the slower refrain. Pace hots up again and vocals are more aggressive from the word go. Lots of well executed tempo changes. Drum sound is great on this one, snare sounds heavy even during the faster sections. Solid track.
  5. A Thought Of Deception. Sludgy opening has more of a live feel. Riff is discordant but works. Like the overall sound of this with the exception of the drums, bass drum is particularly thin. Vocals in the chorus grated a bit but the song again finishes well. Particularly like the basswork just after the chorus.

Solid enough EP although needs reworking in a couple of places. Some of the production/mastering doesn't quite work. Good bunch of musicians who are more than competent live, this will give an idea of what they are capable of on stage. Shows promise and I look forward to future releases and live performances.


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