Rue The Day – Cometh The Hour

… cometh the man? Recently seen slugging it out in a final of the “Battle For Bloodstock” competition, do they live up to the proverb? At times yes, but overall I would suggest this isn't the band's best showcase. The title track starts things off promisingly, chunky riffing following the opening guitar arpeggio, but as the track progresses it lacks aggression and flow and plods somewhat. “Blood Money” starts far more rapidly and has far more urgency, but the chorus lets this one down. “The Trap” has a quiet before the storm intro, and starts aggressively enough, before the chorus again lets the band down – with a bigger chorus this could just about have redeemed the EP. The final “track” is a radio interview which shows the guys are confident enough and have indulged in their fair share of rock and roll debauchery.

Track by track analysis out of the way, my impressions of this EP are mixed. The retro movement, now more commonly known as the New Wave Of Trad Metal, is still going strong – much like the thrash resurgence – and their heavy classic rock is played well enough. The production's ok, if very quiet, until the radio interview shows what could have been had this been done properly, as I rapidly readjusted the volume downwards. The songs are close to being good; the opening riffs are solid, and the verses work well. Unfortunately the choruses let them down – not dynamic enough, and none of them contain a memorable hook. There's a feeling that the band are going through the motions, and the end result is of what might have been. The faster sections work well enough, but the slower sections lack conviction. Vocals are a bit hit and miss throughout too.

In conclusion this isn't bad, but frustratingly – with a little more care and attention – it could have been so much better. I've heard far worse this year though, and with a tweak here and there it could be a more interesting proposition. I would imagine that played live the tracks would come into their own, and I'll be keeping an eye on their gig schedule to see if my suspicions are correct.



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