Negative Brody - Untitled 2 track EP.

Free handout at the recent Cancer Research charity gig so only fair to review it even though they are nowhere near my normal cup of metal...plus of course I've known the bass player for a while!

  1. CSM. Like the feedback opening leading into the indie meets post-punk sounding riff. Sounds sludgy throughout and the mix/mastering is poor. Flat chorus and altogether a very ordinary song.
  2. Untold Abuse. Understated almost accoustic intro precedes far more aggressive opening riff. Returns quickly to ballad/stripped down mode with crisp, clear vocals. Have to wonder if this was recorded at the same time and with the same engineer as the first track. Keep you waiting for the song to unleash and worth the wait when it does.Quite like this one and may well play it again in my mellower moments. Good dynamics.
More mainstream listeners will like this. Not my cup of tea, but the second track is ok. CSM needs reworking and/or remastering. Well played, just not powerful enough for me I'm afraid.




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