Scythian - Suffering To The Conquered

Having been impressed when they played a recent Reanimator night, thought it was about time I got around to reviewing the CD.

  1. Astral Assassins. Atmospheric/doomy intro leads into heavy opening riff which speeds up to fast thrasher pace with a blackened feel. Tempo changes are well handled, the slower symphonic black metal sections work better for me.
  2. Shattered Idols. Lengthy intro precedes a more restrained opening. Lead off riff has a biker/stoner feel. Then the blastbeating starts and the riff becomes simplified and loses power. Symphonic bridge section is superb, as is the blackened section. Reminded me of Enslaved at times.
  3. Pray To War. Faster from the word go, essentially it's a fast thrasher with modern extreme vocals over the top. Alternates between thrash sections and black metal stylings. Prefer the slower more menacing sections.
  4. Spires To Ashes. Slower, brooding opening. This track has an underlying groove, it's a death/black metal hybrid with a Celtic feel. There are a couple of slightly faster sections, but in general it continues in the same vein throughout.
  5. Suffering To The Conquered. Onslaught from the word go, this is a fast thrasher with blackened elements. Can't really add much to previous comments; it's well played and alternates between thrash and black metal sections.
  6. Holocaust (Bathory cover). Bathory were a band I never really got into, but on the strength of this track perhaps I need to check out their back catalogue. This version is ferociously fast and relentless - well it was until the CD skipped uncontrollably just over two minutes in.
The six tracks on this CD last a total of 27' 53" but it seems much longer. Like the way the band allow the tracks to develop, but this gets very samey. Faster blastbeating sections don't do much for me, whereas the slower, symphonic sections work tremendously well. They are explosive live, but this CD doesn't capture their intensity. Promising, but not quite there... yet. The addition of a second guitarist should be a good move and I look forward to seeing them live again as a four piece.


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