Start The Hourglass - Incite Insight

Thanks to Andy for the CD. Saw them live at the Black Horse in March so how does their studio work sound?

  1. Mirror Mirror. Complicated opening riff. Vocals alternate between extreme barked and cleaner sections. This is a long and complex song which showcases a lot of different musical styles, but essentially it's a modern prog song. Like the way the kick drumming is used sparingly and for effect. Overall it's well handled and constructed and a good opener.
  2. Against The Flow. Lone guitar picks out the opening riff, it's then joined quickly by the bass and drums. The main riff is a cracker, really crunchy and drives the track along well. Cleaner vocals in this one don't work for me. Again lots of different ideas and sections, although this one falls into the promising category at the moment. Needs reworking slightly and generally needs to sound a bit more polished.
  3. Does Anyone Else Hate Puppeteers? Yes and thanks for reminding me! Atmospheric guitarwork and subtle bass are a sign of things to come. This one is far more subtle overall, way more delicate and well handled. Has a more indie feel and reminded me in some ways of Brenda's EPs (see CD reviews). More restrained but works well.
  4. It Is Better To Light A Candle Than To Curse The Darkness. Fair point but ridiculous title. Another laid back opening leads into a chuggy riff with Faith No More feel combined with the return of extreme vocals. A more aggressive, almost metalcore, section follows the chorus, but then leads into a bridge section that really grated. Cracking riff follows this, although the vocals could be nastier. This track feels long which is never a good sign; another to be reworked I feel.
Production isn't great but then you tend to expect that early on in a band's career. It's good to hear a young band having the confidence to play long complicated songs. Like the technicality of it all, needs reworking in places though. A few more hooks in the chorus would be a starting point. Falls into the promising category, another band to keep an eye on.


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