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Share personnel with Macarga, so does it slay in a similar way? Naturally....

  1. Slight Right. Positively explodes out of the speakers. Relentless hardcore vocals accompany a myriad of extreme metal styles. Incredibly complex structure with ever shifting time signatures. Mix metalcore, hardcore and modern prog and you're in the right area. Vicious opener.
  2. Divergent Address. Quiet opening before an immense Meshuggah/Gojira style riff erupts. From here on in it's a mindblowingly technical melee of skullcrushing heaviness.
  3. Hasselhoff vs Bunnell. Opening riff steamrollers with its heaviness whilst retaining their trademark complexity. A spine-tingling scream is the start of a particularly brutal section. This is followed by a death grunt before a crushing slower section leads into a riff that doffs its hat to Nile. Awesome.
  4. Elan Vital. Sedate bass led hypnotic start in the style of The Cure meets Slab. Builds ominously with snarled vocals. Snare is hit at machine gun pace but the track is still held back like a thoroughbred approaching the final furlong. Then it unleashes and the savagery continues.
  5. Taught. No frills with this one. All out assault from start to finish whilst retaining the complexity.
  6. A Virtue Theory. Challenging and ferocious in equal measure. Curious keyboard outro.

Production is as good as the musicianship thankfully. Hardcore meets modern prog meets free form jazz time signatures is about as close as I can get to describing this. Sometimes dischordant, always challenging and most definitely interesting and ferocious, ultimately this is devastatingly heavy and rewarding. Vocals are feral and never let up. This is how experimental music should sound. Likewise hardcore bands need this level of aggression. Not for the faint-hearted but give it a try!



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