Through Her Eyes – Blackened Sky.

Talk about hot off the press! Received this one within hours of its completion at Musoplex studio. Four tracks on offer are;

  1. Backspace. Thrash/metalcore intro gets things going. Main riff is powerful and menacing. Clean vocals sounded a bit out of place but led into another quality riff. Bass work on this one is superb and drives the track along well; great underlying groove.
  2. Burnt Pictures. Choppy opening reminded me most of I Hate You More. Semi-acoustic section follows with clean vocals, although there are a few effects added. The bridge section that follows contains another superb riff, before the opening section is repeated at breakdown pace.
  3. My Throat. Chaotic feel initially, essentially it's a fast thrasher with extreme vocals. Chorus contains an absolutely immense riff. Second chorus has a symphonic/black metal feel at the end. Clean vocals towards the end of the track miss the mark for me again.
  4. Battlecry. Minimalist opening before an enormous riff erupts. This leads into a choppy thrash section with barked vocals. Chorus is superb and the bridge leans towards modern prog. Another brutal riff precedes a surprisingly subdued outro.

Production is good - Si you've done the guys proud! Lots of influences on display here, thrash, metalcore, doom, death and hardcore to name but a few. They're combined well too, tempo and section changes are well handled. I like the fact that the kick drumming is used sparingly, and for effect, rather than constant blasting. There's a lot of solid riffs and good hooks here too. My only negative, you've guessed it, is the clean vocal sections - they really don't work for me. Otherwise I enjoyed this a lot and look forward to hearing this performed live soon!




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