Tormented Vision - Incite Hatred
Thanks to guitarist/vocalist Dan for the copy of this CD.

Fans of metal on the thrash/death metal boundary could well take to this independent release. After a menacing, brooding, intro the album goes for the throat from the word go, and doesn't really let up throughout. The title track is the first highlight with its Slayer inspired opening, although in my opinion they save the best for last.

"Out For Blood" is an epic and an asbolute cracker of a track; it's expansive, the slower sections carry the prerequisite degree of menace, whilst the faster sections hit the mark. More importantly perhaps, it also exhibits a clearer sense of identity. Apart from the slightly weak backing vocals, this is the direction I'd urge the band to investigate further. Overall if Slayer and mid-era Death sounds promising, then you'll no doubt enjoy this.

 Being a positive soul, let's have a look at the good points first. The guitar tone is spot on, choppy and slicing, and the soloing is lengthy and holds the attention well enough. The snare sound is immense, and the drummer (Jake) generates velocity imaginatively rather than relying on constant blasting.

The songs are well written and the individual sections work well. There's a clear understanding of dynamics for the most part, and the album as a whole conjures up the right atmosphere with a latent menace throughout. Producing the lyrics in full has got to be a plus too...

There are a few areas however that could do with a tweak. The vocals don't get the attention they deserve in the finished mix and end up muffled which detracts from the overall power. Much as I like the individual sections, some of the links are a little clumsy at times, which makes the album seem a little clunky and lacking in flow. The bridges tend to be a bit lightweight - whilst I accept entirely that they are a counterpoint to the brutality surrounding them -  and could do with a bit more oomph.
In conclusion the positives outweigh the negatives and the album shows promise. The follow up could do with a clearer sense of identity and a more polished approach. Thankfully these are minor adjustments rather than wholesale 'back to the drawing board' changes!


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