Under Blackened Skies – Disposition Of Chaos

Fellas – finally got round to playing the EP! Suitably impressed when they played the Actress & Bishop recently(ish) supporting Morgue Orgy, here's my thoughts on their studio work...

Four tracks last a smidge over seventeen minutes. “Burn The Suffering” has a choppy, dare I say almost metalcore, opening, before a solid chorus and breakdown. Intricacy levels increase as the track unfolds, but this one doesn't set the world alight; it's more than ok without doing anything ground breaking. “Chaotic Empathy” starts intricately, and explores all manner of extreme metal styles. The first black metal nuances become apparent. “Alone” is an atmospheric instrumental which promises much, but ultimately drags, whilst final offering “Part Together” is way more direct, flitting around from genre to genre wildly, but works well enough.

All manner of extreme metal is in evidence here. Metalcore, death metal – both old school and melodic, modern prog, technical death metal, doom, and even folk/battle/black metal crossover. In general it works well, although there are times when it all falls a bit flat and seems over-technical for the sake of it. All things considered, whilst not truly conveying their live menace, this is more than promising. It's always encouraging to hear a band who are prepared to push themselves and try to encompass different genres. I look forward to seeing them play live again soon, and hope there's a full length album in the offing soon.



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