Voodoo Johnson – II

Having just witnessed them play an absolute blinder at Scruffy's (you'll have to buy Powerplay magazine to read it), here are my thoughts about the first EP. Thanks initially to the drummer, Dave, for the CD – cheers fella.

  1. Nowhere Inbetween. Semi-acoustic intro builds to a chorus which has a great hook. This one falls in the stadium or classic rock area although the chuggy slower section is very bluesy and a welcome change of style and feel. Good dynamics coupled with an underlying groove throughout make this an enjoyable opener.
  2. The Art Of Losin'. Starts off sounding like Year Long Disaster meets Black Crowes before the quieter verse starts. Chorus again has a great hook and falls into the classic rock realm with a blues flavour. The sleazy guitar tone to the solo works well.
  3. Blow Me (away). Harder edge to opening guitar work before a swift return to a restrained verse. Chorus is another cracker. Solid track again, slightly different overall sound this one has a sleaze tinge.
  4. Dirty Angel. Atmospheric opening – underpinned by Hammond organ? (if not unusual guitar tone!) - leads into a stunning opening riff which has a stadium rock/stoner feel. Chorus is immense, no other way to describe it. This is the longest and most complex track here, it's beautifully structured and handled deftly. The lengthy bridge section is another highlight of this superb song.
  5. Broken (bonus track). This is a classic example of a stadium rock ballad. Acoustic intro has a very rich tone. After a chord sequence strangely reminiscent of Pink Floyd's “Goodbye Blue Sky” we are even treated to string accompaniment. This is a well played track with another great vocal performance. Could see this track going down a storm in the States.

Well we know they can play live and their studio output is also highly entertaining. Makes a pleasant change for me to be reviewing this style of music too as I normally lurk in the extreme metal world. Voodoo Johnson have enormous potential – if they don't make it in the UK (which they should), they could be huge in the States. The production is good, as is the mastering and mixing, I especially like the bass tone. Musicianship is solid as a rock – rhythm section is tight, and the two guitarists interplay well (well they should as they're brothers!). Vocals are powerful and reminded me of a hybrid of Sammy Hagar and Paul Rodgers with a smattering of Peter Gabriel. In conclusion Voodoo Johnson are a stylish outfit who mix a variety of classic rock styles effortlessly, and they deserve to be huge. I would recommend this CD very highly – but better still go and see them live!!


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