Ultio - 2 track sampler

Thanks to Matt (or is it Keg?) for the CD. The two tracks on offer are

  1. The Art Of Procrastination. Never judge a book by its cover goes the old adage. On hearing the opening death grunt I mentally started recoiling in terror. Seconds later the choppy opening riff unleashed and my initial defensiveness was shattered. Combine a number of styles, think if you will of a hybrid of doom/sludge and industrial/grind with extreme metal overtones, and then throw in an underlying groove - hardly surprising I can't pigeon-hole them! The two bands that most sprung to mind as direct comparison were Indesinence and Daath, not in overall style obviously as they are from completely different genres, but in terms of the song in sections. Vocals are surprisingly understandable for a band of this type too. Production probably needs a slight tweak to make it a little crisper but in general it's well mixed.
  2. Faith. Fantastic opening riff which propels the track along for the first couple of minutes or so. A modern doom slower section/bridge follows before that riff returns and the intensity levels are cranked up.Lots of different influences here but more in the death/extreme metal zone with a stark industrial feel. The underlying groove is there again driving the track along. This one will sound superb live - the main riff is an absolute belter.
Rumour has it they are in the studio at the moment working on an EP which I would be more than interested in hearing. I have managed to catch a couple of their songs live at the Black Horse and they can certainly cut it on stage. One for me to keep an eye on!

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