Cancer Research Charity Gig - Flapper & Firkin - 11th April 2008

Bit of tinkering about with the line-up at the last minute meant that the three bands playing were;

Point Of Authority. Hadn't had much time to rehearse before this gig and it showed, although they did have more than their fair share of bad luck as well. Guitarist breaking a string, accoustic guitar not playing ball when mic-ed up and the skin of the snare disintegrating in rapid succession doesn't happen very often. Good bunch of blokes, especially enjoyed the chats with Matt the drummer and Rob on rhythm guitar and vocals. Play stadium rock with a harder edge. "Burnt To Ashes" started things off, followed by "Hero" and then "Red Rising Sun" during which the string broke. Next song up had an accoustic intro and there was a lenghty pause whilst they tried to sort the mic problems already mentioned. When "Redemption" did get under way the vocal was terrible until the first chorus kicked in, then thankfully improved. A cover of Metallica's "Sad But True" followed, vocal came in at the wrong time, but they recovered and finished the song reasonably. Actually very well bearing in mind that the snare got mangled during this one (thanks for the souvenir Matt!!)... Four originals closed the set; "Transparent", "Lacrimose", "Invasion Army" and an untitled new song. Ragged at times and slightly sloppy at others, they tried hard and kept going well despite all the mishaps. Couldn't work out why the lead guitarist was hiding behind the speakers for most of the set?! Let me know when you are next playing fellas and I will come and see you again - hope Lady Luck is with you for this performance!

Creeper. Much more aggressive sound and easily band and performance of the night. Shame that this was their farewell gig as they are splitting up, although I understand that three of the group are working on another project as we speak. Chunky guitars propelled this performance along, a combination of classic/power metal with thrash and sleaze tinges would be the easiest way of describing them. Eight original songs sandwiched a more than passable cover of Velvet Revolver's "Slither". Thanks for the setlist guys, which tells me that the songs aired tonight were "M(ine?)'field", "She's A Demon", "Anti Angel", "She Owns You", "Skin N' Bones", "Freefall", "Entwined" and "Fetish". Quality display, shame they are splitting up, wish them all the best with their new ventures - keep me posted fellas please.

Negative Brody. Small world syndrome... knew the bass player from one of the wife's stints at a local pub where he worked as a chef, good to see you again Paul. Thanks to the vocalist Dean for the CD which I will review soon. They play indie/staduim rock very well, although after Creeper's display they were a bit of an anti-climax. Good musicians and tight as a band; nothing wrong with what they do, just not really my bag. "Given Life", "Fuelled For Destruction" and "Mr Independence" preceded a fine cover of Roxy Music's "Virginia Plain" which worked surprisingly well. Back to originals to conclude the set - "CSM", "Untold Abuse" (great dynamics), "Lost Art", "Devine Intervention" (typo guys?), "You Should Be There" and "My Trial" rounded off an enjoyable evening.

Three bands for a fiver and raising money for a worthwhile charity has got to be a good way of spending a Friday night. Thanks to the organisers for putting the night on - hope we raised a few quid into the bargain!



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