Godsize - Rock Cafe 2000 - Saturday 10th May 2008

A new venue for the Chopmeister to check out with a quality lineup of bands to boot - tough life....

Hellfire got the ball rolling, actually steamrollering would be closer! Trademark brutality and 100% commitment as usual. Can't wait to see them play in front of a packed crowd, should be explosive. No technical problems tonight (see earlier review) allowing the band to bulldoze their way through their set in a savage fashion. Relentless onslaught showcased their forthcoming CD "Bleed For The Cause" exceptionally well. Played the same setlist as at the Actress & Bishop, stattos can refer to the earlier review if necessary!

Haxan. Third time I've seen them and despite a solid display I still can't see what the fuss is all about. Nothing wrong with what they do, there's nothing exceptional either. They play a hybrid of doom and stoner/ classic rock well and collectively are good musicians. Think they are one of those bands who are never going to win me over though.

Slab. The band seemed a bit non-plused by their display. Seemed fine to me! Then again I am biased, I rate this band very highly and they are great blokes to boot. Third time I've seen them and I'm still amazed at the sound they produce considering they are a three piece. Set was dominated by songs off their recent album "Betray The Past...Infect The Future" with "Chaos Bastard", "Consiracy" and Vines" played back to back in a superb opening. "Devilwalk", "Yi Zi Er Shi", "Shot In T' Street" (can't tell you were playing in Bolton last night!), "4-1-3-1-3-2", "Bury My Dog" and "Tetradon" completed an entertaining performance.

I Am Colossus. Sixth time I've seen them since last September's Meltdown all dayer and as entertaining as ever. Thanks to the band for the CDs for both myself and gig buddy Bill, really appreciate them fellas! Played it briefly today and will review it soon... Uncompromising brutality, their monolithic doom is underpinned by some of the most ferocious snare hitting you will hear. Riffs are crushingly slow and immensely powerful. Four tracks tonight, "Still Life", "Revelations", "In The Name Of The Father" and "Moss Icon" performed clinically.

Godsize. Get better every time you see them. Kris spent more time off stage than on again, he's a charismatic and entertaining frontman. The band play sludge/hardcore with frightening aggression and conviction. Didn't get a setlist I'm afraid (hopefully I can on Saturday when I next see them headlining at the Little Civic in Wolverhampton), the wonderfully titled "Beer Slag" and closer "Start Her Up" being the only tracks I can remember (slightly the worse for wear by this point!). Another quality performance, hopefully their album "Hymns For The Fallen" will sell well. Backed up by performances like this it should.

Good venue with great accoustics, hope it doesn't get this hot all the time though. Shame there weren't more fans to witness an excellent collection of bands playing dynamic sets. Great value for money and hugely entertaining.



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