Godsize - Little Civic - Saturday 17th May 2008

Four bands for a fiver, what a result!

Hellfire got the show on the road. Played a shortened set due to the severity of the bass player Greg's back problem. As a fellow sufferer I wish you a full and speedy recovery fella! "Evil Prevails", "Hell On Earth", "Deceiver Of The Damned" and "Suffer In Silence" were all delivered with their usual menace. Looking forward to seeing your full set again when you are all fighting fit!

Forlorn. Getting better with each performance. Their confidence on stage is growing quickly and they generate power effortlessly. "In The Face Of Terror" contains a staggering bass section where, via a pedal effect, the bass guitarist plays the solo complete with hammers! This ran straight into the title track off the last EP "Hearts To War" which was executed brutally. "Culture Shock", "The Forlorn Hope", "Malevolent" and "Law Of Hate" completed the onslaught. Enjoyable and vicious set from a band who are very tight musically and clearly have fun whilst on stage. Looking forward to hearing the new EP guys!

I Am Colossus
were quite simply awesome. Their forty minute set contained only three songs "In The Name Of The Father", "Still Life" and "Moss Icon" after a lengthy intro. The power they generate is enormous, a huge wall of sound played at slow doom pace. The combined guitar work was skull-crushing; add Poon's growls and Daz's snare-battering and you have a recipe for relentless ferocity. Again these guys get better every time you see them. Tonight's performance was devastatingly heavy, can't wait to see a full set soon.

Godsize again produced an exhilirating performance. Missed the first couple of songs due to the upstairs bar closing and the downstairs bar being packed, great timing! Kris didn't set foot on stage at all and was his usual human dynamo whipping up the crowd. The band delivered a flawless display and get tighter and consequently heavier with each gig. "Love Gun" (not that one!) and the closer "Start Her Up" were the highlights for me.

Great value for money but again a low turnout. Entertaining sets from all the bands, my best wishes for a speedy recovery are again sent to Greg from Hellfire - hope to see you in good health soon fella!


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