Hellfire/ Adust/ Lumphammer - Hare & Hounds - Wednesday 28th May 2008

The good lady dragging me to a gig, now that makes a change... Apologies go to Fury; sorry I missed your set, from all reports you played a blinder!

Lumphammer. Thanks to the vocalist, Dan, for the setlist. They come from the centre of the metal universe (Tewkesbury!) and play a savage hybrid of doom/stoner meets extreme metal. Sounds weird but works tremendously well. Reminded me mostly of Down and Black Sabbath in overall groove and riff style, although the overall tone had an early Obituary influence. Good musicians, think they would benefit with the addition of a second guitarist. Sound was a bit bass heavy which possibly didn't help. Songs played were "Skulldriver", "Christcrusher", "Art Of War", "RPG", "Die Die Bastard Die", with two untitled new songs completing the set. Think the song titles give the game away; if not throw the songs they didn't play (due to time restraints) into the blender, "Severed And United" and "Seek N Slaughter" and you'll probably have an idea of what these fellas are trying to achieve. Solid display and a band I'll be monitoring closely.

Adust. Since seeing them at MadHouse studios and hearing the new mini album I've been a big fan. The MadHouse gig was quality, tonight's performance was phenomenal. Stattos can obtain the setlist from my earlier review as they played the same set, albeit with a frightening level of swagger, professionalism and brutality. They play intricate and often long songs effortlessly well. The guitarists Guy and Dave were in fine form and churned out the riffs and solos relentlessly. The rhythm section of Matt on bass and Danny on drums were horrifyingly tight. Rob delivered his vocals suitably viciously and is a confident frontman. Not much more I can add really, other than great performance and looking forward to seeing you at the Actress & Bishop on 5th June. Keep playing gigs of this quality and you will quickly ascend the progressive/extreme metal ladder fellas.

Hellfire. Explosive set. I'm running out of things to say about this band, as I've seen them four times in quick succession (and seeing them again on Saturday!). Firstly congratulations on making the final of the Battle For Bloodstock competition, a tribute to your commitment and uncompromising stageshows. Glad to see the bass player Greg recovering (or on anti-inflammatorys!) from his back problem. Launched into their set with trademark aggression and pummelled away relentlessly throughout. What you see is what you get with this band, no gimmicks, just genuine passion for what they do combined with solid musicianship and stage presence. They continue to amaze with their level of ferocity and professionalism and can't wait to see them again at the weekend!

Another new venue. Approximately 200 capacity with good accoustics and a good size stage. Shame again about the horrifyingly poor attendance, metal fans get off your arses and support nights like this now!!! Three varied and enjoyable performances. Lumphammer impressed me and I look forward to seeing them again soon. Adust were superb, combining the level of intensity with the degree of style and polish as effortlessly as they do is no mean feat. Hellfire metaphorically punch you in the face from the word go and don't let up under any circumstances until their fury is complete. Great evening all round, thanks to all the bands for their excellent performances.



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