Reanimator - Bristol Pear - Saturday 19th April 2008

Two unavoidable late cancellations meant tonight's offerings were....

Infractor. Thanks to the vocalist (and it turns out lyricist and songwriter) Slag (!!) for the setlist. I dread to think how good this lot would sound given time to prepare rather than the short notice they got for this gig. When asked what style they played, the keyboard player, Greg, and bassist, Dan, were strangely cagey. Thanks for letting me try to explain!! Technical extreme modern prog would be about as close as I can get. They are a seven piece band, also incorporating a drummer and three guitarists in their ranks. Have to single out the seven string guitarist; he takes on the majority of the lead work and boy can he shred! One solo in particular was stunning as everyone's dropped jaws attested. Immensely brutal at times generating a wall of sound (even with the drumkit only being partially mic-ed), then playing delicate sections the next, their songs are intricate and meticulously crafted. Setlist tonight was "Discorporated", "A Violent Urge", "Addict Down", "27 Or Dead", "Way Of The Locust" and "Momentary Pain & Distress". Keep playing sets like this and they will create a tsunami rather than a ripple in the extreme world - phenomenal display. Fellas keep me posted and I will come and see you again soon.

Asomvel. Thanks to the drummer for the setlist. After the fury and complexity that had preceded them they were on a hiding to nothing. They are a 3 piece band who play old school biker/power rock very much in the style of Motorhead. Credit where credit's due, the bass player was clearly in a lot of pain from his right ankle/lower leg, injured in a fall and requiring plates/pins/major repair work, despite this obvious hindrance he carried on like a trooper, some of his quips between songs being particularly amusing. Do what they do well and if they ever tire of playing originals they could easily cut it as a Motorhead tribute band. Obvious they have been together for a while they are very tight as a band. Started with originals tonight, playing "To Hell With The Rest", "How The Mighty Fall", "Feel The Chill" and "Behind The 8 Ball", before they covered Motorhead's "No Class" extremely well. Back to originals, a new song "Kamikazi" (typo?) worked well, then "Fast Women" and "Full Moon Dog" completed the set. Heard it all before but enjoyable nonetheless.

The Lamp Of Thoth play doom/stoner very well. Didn't have a setlist, only song title I can remember was "Ancient Fire" which was a top tune. Another 3 piece, standout being the vocalist/bass player. His vocal tone is somewhere between Trouble and Celtic Frost and he has a good range, his basswork is incredible. Guitarist was a competent player but even with the manic fretwork of the bass player underpinning his efforts, I still feel he needed the back up of an additional guitarist to beef up the sound and allow more soloing. I understand the drummer hasn't been with the band long and I'm afraid it showed. Nothing wrong technically or indeed with the timing, she just seemed very tense and you could almost feel her counting her way through the songs. Sure with a few more appearances under her belt she will feel a bit more comfortable. Long set clocking in around the 45 minute mark, very enjoyable throughout and worth checking out again.

The Reanimator crew have unearthed another gem in Infractor, dazzling display. Asomvel and The Lamp Of Thoth play two forms of old school/retro metal very well and contributed strongly to another enjoyable evening at the Bristol Pear - nice refurb by the way!


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