Reign Of Fear/ Adust/ Sour Mash - MadHouse Studios - Friday 2nd May 2008

Thanks are extended from the Chopmeister to all the bands and friends and family for the warmth of your collective welcome. Great to meet you all and I hope to see you at another gig soon. Down to business then, tonight's bands were...

Sour Mash. Solid start to the evening. Played six originals and two covers in their set. They play a modern take on classic metal and execute it well. Sound quality wasn't great for them; drums were way too loud (although loved the snare sound!) drowning the guitarists for much of the set and making the solos just about inaudible. Songs aired were "Despised", "The Epic", "Open Range" and "Undead" before two covers "Ace Of Spades" and "Seek And Destroy". The latter needs highlighting for two reasons. Firstly I couldn't help but marvel at how good modern musicians are. Sour Mash made this song look very simple. Secondly, there were two unfortunate errors. Drummer lost it briefly about halfway through and the band collectively, and bizarrely, went for a strange time signature just before and during the main solo. "Infilltrator" (typo?) and "Rise Again" finished the set off strongly. Reasonable performance but I really need to see them again in a larger venue, with a better sound quality, to form a considered opinion. I'll keep an eye on your gig schedule fellas.

Adust. Had a larger following with them and I think the muffling effect of the crowd being much closer to the stage contributed to a much better sound. Like this band a lot. Play a savage hybrid of thrash/ modern prog/ technical metal. Aggressive guitar work teamed with snarled vocals underpinned with solid bass work and brutal drumkit abuse... just my cup of tea! Much of tonight's set was off the "Through Anothers Eyes" CD (thanks for the copy fellas, I have given it a quick skip play and will review it fully soon). The intro "Enmity" paved the way for their prolonged assault. "The Fall Of Man", "Prinzessin", "Blinded By Ignorance", "Slave New World" and "Forevermore" completed a vicious and hugely enjoyable set. Great live band, I look forward to seeing them again soon... and the good lady enjoyed your performance immensely too!

Reign Of Fear. Thanks to the band's manager, Adam, for the CD which will be reviewed shortly. Simplistically RoF play modern thrash very well. Tempo changes are well handled and they are tight as a band. Sound quality could have been better for them however, with improved clarity their set would have been savage. Three originals both preceded and followed a cover of "For Whom The Bell Tolls" which was executed very well. "Unbroken", "Scars Of Time" and "A Thought Of Deception" formed the first trio, before "Judas", "Bury The Lies" and "Final Silence" concluded the evening. Another band to see again in a bigger venue with a better sound.

First visit to MadHouse. Nice compact venue but gets incredibly hot! Admittedly I was wearing my usual black leathers, but the bands and audience found the ambient temperature uncomfortable. Dread to think what it would be like in the middle of Summer with a full house. Three enjoyable performances from bands I will be keeping an eye on - and hopefully seeing live again soon. Thanks again to all the bands for the invite to review you and for putting on an entertaining evening.


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