Recent Gig Reviews

Hotter than hell, or colder than a polar bear's ring-piece? Chop gives his honest appraisal of recent gigs....

Dakesis Album Launch - RoadHouse
Pagan's Mind + Neonfly + Dakesis
Austere + Silent Nation + Shebrew + Infinity Regulator
Slab,Gehenna and Vicious Bastard @ The Flapper
Forlorn, Amongst The Survivors and Dead Loss @ The Flapper
Signify, Rambling Boy, and Martyr de Mona, @ The Slade Rooms
Trigger The Bloodshed, Bleed From Within, Morge Orgyy and Vidina @ The Old Wharf
Korrozao, Selfless, and Collision Process @ Old Wharf
Winterstorm, Submerged and Dakesis @Scruffy's
Kataleptic @ Black Horse
Surface Unsigned @ Flapper
Daisy Cutter @ Eddies

December gigs, and older have now been moved to the Archive section!



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